Texas family courts encourage settlement rather than litigation of divorce disputes whenever possible and for good reason: parties who have their family law matter tried in court run the risk of emotionally harming themselves and their children. Family law specialist James Robertson understands full well the negative effects that trial litigation can have on a family, especially the children involved.

As a former Brazoria County family law judge he held the interests of children foremost, usually ordering that family disputes on his trial docket first go to mediation before he would hear their case. He knew that mediation reduces the anger and tension between parents, benefiting their children as well. As a certified mediator, Robertson provides skilled, fair, and impartial divorce mediation as well as other family related conflict resolution services.

                               The Mediation Process

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve family disputes that conflicting parties such as divorcing spouses can use - by employing a neutral third party with formal dispute resolution training - to help them reach an agreement on contested issues. The goal is not to determine a winner in the contest, but rather to help the parties reach their own settlement through negotiation.

Experienced mediator James Robertson starts the process by getting communication going between the parties, promoting understanding, compromise, and ultimately, settlement. He listens to each party's concerns and wishes while gathering information and framing the issues.

Robertson then assesses the merits of the arguments and keeps the discussions focused around the dispute under consideration while maintaining a positive and constructive tone throughout. Options are developed, negotiations are facilitated, and resulting agreements are formalized. Parties in mediation may then finally be able, with the assistance of a mediator like Robertson, to create their own solutions, controlling the outcome of their dispute and avoiding the stress and uncertainty of courtroom proceedings.

                               Why Choose Mediation?

In a divorce case both parties often attempt to drag out the other party's ""dirty laundry" in an attempt to make them look bad before the court. Everyone has personal information they would rather not have made public and mediation is an informal, confidential and structured process that makes it possible to settle family issues outside the very public and revealing environment of the courtroom.

Both parties can speak freely without worrying about whether the other will later inform the court of anything that occurred during the mediation session. In addition to being less stressful and public than a courtroom trial, mediation is usually less expensive and can be much quicker. Both parties can save on attorney fees and possibly avoid what can potentially escalate into months of fighting, delays, and rescheduling of court dates.

                     Mediation by a Family Law Specialist

Certified mediator James Robertson is a passionate advocate for settlement, while also respecting each party's right to self-determination. His experience as a family law specialist and former judge compels him to uphold the highest standards of integrity and impartiality in the mediation process.

To achieve a fair settlement, adversaries need two things: a neutral place and a skilled referee who can stay cool, calm, and impartial when things get heated. Robertson knows how to handle the powerful conflicting emotions that the parties tend to express, within a comfortable and safe environment so that fighting doesn't push them farther apart.

Instead, without advocating for any party, he brings their disparate positions closer together by finding points of agreement that can be nurtured into a settlement that meets the needs of all. The Robertson Law Firm mediates a wide spectrum of family disputes including:























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Applying more than two decades of family law and five years of judicial experience to his mediation practice has given Robertson a well-rounded and objective approach, with an exceptional grasp of the diverse and often complex family issues that arise during mediation. He works to expedite the cases referred to him for mediation and reduce, possibly even eliminate, the expense and inconvenience of trial litigation.

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