As a former Brazoria County family law judge, attorney James Robertson observed a trend across the thousands of divorce cases he handled, that the children involved usually did best when both parents maintained an active role in their upbringing. As a consequence of his observations, and in accordance with the Texas Family Code, he strived to act in the best interests of the children by allowing fathers equal opportunity in custody, visitation, and other divorce related matters.

Robertson also noted that many mothers are not interested in allowing a fair and reasonable outcome to their divorce, compelling the child''s father to hire legal representation to help enforce his legal rights in the matter. Today, as a family law attorney, Robertson acts in this very capacity, invoking his judicial experience and insight into the Father's Rights cases he handles. He is a skilled, experienced, and, when necessary, tough family law specialist devoted to enforcing the rights of fathers in Brazoria County, Texas.

Robertson Fervently Advocates for Your Rights as a Father

Many dads take it for granted that in a contested divorce or custody dispute, they will automatically come out on the short end of the equation and not be able get equal custody or equal time with their children. There was  a time when Texas courts favored mother's custody over father's in divorce cases, assuming that she was the parent who could best care for the needs of minor children. Fortunately today, this bias is no longer a part of Texas law. There are specific and comprehensive legal statutes in place to protect the short and long-term best interests of the children by allowing both of the biological parents equal rights and privileges in divorce proceedings.

If you are the father of a child, regardless of whether you are legally married to the mother, you have many important rights relating to your child. You have the right to visitation or custody and the right to be involved with decision making in your child's life regarding issues like health care, education, religion, and a lot more.

The Law Office of James A. Robertson works with Dads to zealously protect these rights as they go through all of the various stages of a divorce - whether they are now considering filing or are being filed on, are currently in trial or negotiations, or simply need an attorney to modify or enforce an existing divorce judgment - the Robertson family law firm expertly handles all matters related to their rights as a father including:


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Knowing that Texas courts place the interests of the children above all other considerations, Robertson works with fathers to establish and document their positive engagement in the parent-child relationship. Past participation in the raising of the children, as well as future contributions they will make as a male father figure are brought forward.

Evidence of providing a non-violent environment, financial support, participation in school, sports, and social activities are some of the factors that help to demonstrate that the children have a higher probability for positive adjustment, better academic achievement and balanced mental development with the father in their lives.

At the Law Office of James A. Robertson we are very familiar with the legal issues and struggles that fathers face. As a certified mediator Robertson can expertly negotiate the terms of your divorce. As a skilled litigator he will fight aggressively, if necessary, to ensure that your rights as a father are protected and enforced. We represent Father's Rights clients throughout the Brazoria County area including the cities of Pearland, Alvin, Manvel, Angleton, Lake Jackson, Iowa Colony, Rosharon, Danbury, and Liverpool. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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