Child Custody


As a former family law judge, Board Certified Family Law Attorney James Robertson knows that one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce case is determining who will receive custody of the children. James Robertson is a family law specialist who fully understands just how important the determination of child custody is for the future of the parent’s relationship with their children. While custody may be a hotly contested issue in a divorce, it is vital to take every possible precaution to prevent the children from suffering emotional trauma as a result of an extended legal battle between the parents.  

As a certified mediator, Robertson has observed that uncontested divorce strategies such as mediation are often effective at limiting the scope and damage of a child custody dispute. Many parents report that in addition to possibly negotiating an uncontested divorce, such approaches also serve to set the tone for a more respectful and cooperative relationship between them in the future. 


Child custody attorney James Robertson will seek to protect the relationship between parent and child, even if that requires contested hearings and a trial.

Robertson uses his experience as a judge and practices the strategy to make the case for why his client offers the most stable living environment for the child, rather than concentrating on the deficiencies of the other parent. He knows that the court will closely examine the extent of a parent’s involvement in their children’s lives so he focuses on documenting this involvement that helps to convince the court of his client’s case.

Child custody attorney Robertson serves Pearland, Alvin, Manvel, Rosharon, Angleton and Lake Jackson, Texas offering a full range of family law legal services.

Child custody family law attorney James Robertson is ready to help you.  

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